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Electric motors for mechanical engineering

At Kolmer Electric Motors we have great affinity with mechanical engineering. There are still operations in the industrial sector that can be automated. Achieving this requires the design of machines that are part of this process. Examples are grinding machines, tree shredders or machines that contribute to the cultivation of mushrooms. Electric motors used in the mechanical engineering industry, industrial automation and robotisation are available at Kolmer Electric Motors. We supply motors for a wide range of machines and are happy to share our thoughts and ideas with you to make the whole process as efficient as possible and to coordinate everything well.

Customised/custom-made solutions are key

At Kolmer Electric Motors we have a large stock of electric motors. However, when it comes to electric motors in mechanical engineering, our focus is on customised/custom-made solutions. We have the knowledge and skills to take on any project. A good example of a made to measure project that we are very proud of is the pipe grinder. Pipe grinders are solidly built machines that run at high speeds. Stability is of great influence here. The processing of profiles and pipes at high speeds is problem-free and fast. It is the constant speed that ensures a nice smooth end result. The certainty of many years of trouble-free, accurate and fast tube processing offers you added value.

We have the knowledge and skills

At Kolmer Electric Motors we have the knowledge and skills to take on any project a customer may offer us. Both during the design and development phases. We will always consider your issue to be a challenge. Supplying customer-specific electric motors is based on a thorough understanding of the specific current technologies. In order to properly streamline your project, your dedicated contact person will discuss a number of important matters with you in advance, such as specifications, delivery times and costs. In this way everyone knows exactly where they stand. In addition to our many years of experience, we only work with electric motors of the most renowned brands: Cemp and Cantoni Motor. Our wide range of electric motors for mechanical engineering is supported by an impressive stock of various models and versions. Besides the standard versions, we also have two speed motors, brake motors and Atex Exe and Atex Exd motors.

Kolmer Electric motors for advice that will suit you

At Kolmer Electric Motors we will appropriately advise you on mechanical engineering in the broadest sense of the word. Would you like to know more about our options for your specific situation? Do you have a challenging mechanical engineering query? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to help you.

Applications in the industry:

Cooling – Mechanical Engineering
Drive System – Mechanical Engineering


Brand loyalty is our middle name. Ever since our company was established we are well disposed towards Cantoni Motor and Cemp. Our current range consists of a large variety of electric motors and related products from these worldwide operating brands.

IE1 motors

Series Sg, Sh, SIE | Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors, suitable for general purpose

IE2 motors

Series 2SIE | Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors, suitable for general purpose

IE3 motors

Series 3SIE | Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors, suitable for general purpose

IE4 motors

Series 4SIE | Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors, suitable for general purpose

Kolmer Top Coating

An engine that does not flake and does not rust, that is our goal when we start an extensive research project in 2016. We develop a coating that does hold and the test results exceed all expectations. Engines keep looking great year after year, no matter the conditions. TNO is testing the safety and we are now fully in production. Kolmer Top Coating anchors itself through the paint layer in the underlying aluminum and cast iron. A water-thin, super strong layer that protects for years and can be used on all our Cantoni and a selection of EMF and Cemp engines.

Read more about topcoating
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