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IE1 motors

Series Sg, Sh, SIE | Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors, suitable for general purpose

All motors are manufactured according to Quality Management System consistent with ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System consistent with ISO 14001. Cantoni IE1 motors fulfil the EU Directives regarding the safety measures. The motors comply with almost all international standards: DIN VDE (Germany), BS (Great Britain), CEI (Italy) and on request UL and / or CSA (for United States and Canada) or European ATEX-standards. Special executions are available on request.

IE1 motors are solely produced for foreign markets outside of European Union, with the exception of brake motors.
Article number
Motor name
Frame size
Output [kW]
Efficiency [%]
1105A002025H0Sh 56-2A560,09262B3230/400V-50Hz
1105A002125H0SLh 56-2A560,09262B3/B5230/400V-50Hz
1105A002225H0SLh 56-2A2560,09262B3/B14A230/400V-50Hz
1105A002325H0SLh 56-2A1560,09262B3/B14B230/400V-50Hz
1105A002425H0SKh 56-2A560,09262B5230/400V-50Hz
1105A002625H0SKh 56-2A2560,09262B14A230/400V-50Hz
1105A002825H0SKh 56-2A1560,09262B14B230/400V-50Hz
1105A004025H0Sh 56-4A560,06450B3230/400V-50Hz
1105A004125H0SLh 56-4A560,06450B3/B5230/400V-50Hz
1105A004225H0SLh 56-4A2560,06450B3/B14A230/400V-50Hz
1105A004325H0SLh 56-4A1560,06450B3/B14B230/400V-50Hz
1105A004425H0SKh 56-4A560,06450B5230/400V-50Hz
1105A004625H0SKh 56-4A2560,06450B14A230/400V-50Hz
1105A004825H0SKh 56-4A1560,06450B14B230/400V-50Hz
1105B002025H0Sh 56-2B560,12265B3230/400V-50Hz
1105B002125H0SLh 56-2B560,12265B3/B5230/400V-50Hz
1105B002225H0SLh 56-2B2560,12265B3/B14A230/400V-50Hz
1105B002325H0SLh 56-2B1560,12265B3/B14B230/400V-50Hz
1105B002425H0SKh 56-2B560,12265B5230/400V-50Hz
1105B002625H0SKh 56-2B2560,12265B14A230/400V-50Hz
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