The right ATEX motor delivered at lightning speed
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The right ATEX motor delivered at lightning speed

Good news for our customers! The range of Cemp electric motors stocked in our warehouse has been substantially increased. This means that we can deliver the exact motor you require even quicker than before.

No more spare motors

Ever since Kolmer Electric Motors was established, we’ve been well disposed towards Cemp and Cantoni Motor. Our portfolio consists of an extensive range of motors of both these brands and with a superfast delivery as we can supply most of these from stock. Sales employee Chris Huijgens has been working at Kolmer since 1987 and knows our customers as well as the Cemp motors like no other. Chris: ‘Nowadays speed is considered very important. I remember well that companies used to have a spare motor in stock. In today’s world we’ve actually taken over that job as supplier. Employees of a ship on its way to the harbour email us to make sure that the motor is ready and waiting on the quayside upon arrival. This kind of speed happens to be one of our strengths. Thanks to a wide range in stock in addition to our own workshop we can sometimes be four times quicker than other suppliers.’

0,12 to 200 kilowatt

All Cemp Ex db motors are neatly shelved in Kolmer’s warehouse, says Chris. So, do you need a standard variant of the high-quality Cemp motor, from 0.12 to 200 kilowatt? We can supply that in no time at all. It’s also possible to order specialised variants, such as a six- or eight-pole motor, and have it in-house within two to three weeks. Very large or specific models may take five to six weeks maximum.

Top of the segment

Cemp Ex db electric motors are produced in a factory in Senago, a suburb of Milan. Cemp motors are incredibly versatile, according to Chris. ‘Brake or anchor winch motors, we supply anything that’s considered special. And whether it concerns the navy or chemical industry, Cemp motors meet all safety requirements. They are devices of an exceptionally high quality that are often used offshore, for example. They are the driving force for capstans when pulling large ships towards the quay.’ You can also find Cemp motors in fans and mixers throughout the chemical industry. Dustproof, pressure- and fire-resistant and totally spark-proof. Chris: ‘These are heavy, cast-iron motors. Really the top of the segment. Obviously each small electric motor meets the European IE2 standard, while each larger (three-phase) motor meets the IE3 standard.

‘We can build anything and do it really fast!’

The fast delivery of Cemp motors is partly due to Kolmer being able to build specials in-house, says Chris. ‘Kolmer is Cemp’s point of contact in the Benelux. As the only certified distributor, we (and a number of our dealers) are authorised to implement all kinds of modifications. We can, for example, integrate temperature monitoring and anti-condensation heating, make different shafts, adapt flanges and we can obviously deliver the motors in any desired colour.’ Our customers often use Cemp motors in combination with other machines, such as fans or pumps. It’s of the utmost importance that processes are not brought to a standstill and that every part is delivered on time. Ships must continue to sail and machines must keep on running. Chris: ‘The combination of speed and high quality makes Cemp a very appealing option for our customers. And it’s a method of working that fits Kolmer like a glove. Almost every company claims that the customer is key. We want to live up to that promise time and time again and we can do that with this product and service. I’m proud of that and I’m convinced that in this respect we’ll have many happy customers in the coming year!’
"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

- One of our customers -

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