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Jerry Spanhaak

Internal Sales

Jerry entered the world of electric motors in 1988 and can still be found there! He started at Kolmer in 1996 and realised a long cherished dream in 2008 when he became co-owner of the company. His heart lies in the commercial side of the organisation. “Collaborating with the customer on the development of an electric motor that fully meets the desired application, is still the best part of the job. Kolmer doesn’t say no and finds a solution for every application. I work from the content as the story has to be technically correct. However, the commercial line is also important of course.” Jerry is a goal-oriented person, an honest, social and friendly colleague who finds it important that commitments are met. With many years of experience in sales, he focuses on relationships aiming for the long term as battles for a dime are not his thing. “I do business honestly and with an open mind. Kolmer supplies good products and boasts an excellent after sales service. It’s a total image that makes perfect sense.”

Jerry is really proud of the togetherness and teamwork within Kolmer. “We’re a collective and we all work hard to be successful. Everyone feels responsible and accepts his or her role. In the coming years we want to expand our market share. It doesn’t have to be an explosive growth as we’d rather proceed with care and thoroughness. A companiable working environment for our employees and pleasure in our work are important in this respect. As Management we want to be approachable and accessible. The strength of Kolmer is our staff as we are really in this together.” Jerry has been living in Apeldoorn for years but was born and raised in Zwolle. Besides Kolmer, he’s passionate about motor sport. In the past he raced a rally car himself but today it’s all about visiting car races.
"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

- One of our customers -

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