Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kolmer Electric Motors Ltd. considers your privacy to be important. We are aware of our responsibilities when processing personal data. We want everyone whose personal data we process to be assured that this will be done in a careful and lawful manner. For this reason, we process personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the resulting privacy regulations.

In the privacy statement below you will read what personal data we collect, how it is processed and for what purpose.

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Privacy statement customers Kolmer Electric Motors

Kolmer Electric Motors (hereinafter referred to as Kolmer) has drawn up this privacy statement to establish the manner in which customer data are processed. Customer data are dealt with in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

This privacy statement has been drawn up in accordance with the situation as per March 2018.

Kolmer processes customer data from the perspective of a mutual business interest. The data is used for the administrative processing of the quotes requested and orders placed by customers.

The recorded data will also be used for the delivery of goods or orders placed and for the invoices resulting from the delivered goods/orders placed.

Recording and processing of data
Kolmer records the customer data described below:
Company details: name, address, postal code, town/city, province/county, country, telephone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail address(es), bank account number, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number, delivery method.
Contact data of contact person: name, function, business address, business postcode, business location, business telephone number(s), business e-mail address(es).
Terms and Conditions
Kolmer ensures that customer data is processed in accordance with the law and in a proper and careful manner.

Kolmer does not record more customer data than is necessary for the purpose described above and does not record customer data for purposes other than those described above.

Kolmer has established procedures for the protection of physical and digital customer data and has set access restrictions for the digital system. Data shall only be processed by persons who, by virtue of their position, must have access to the data. At Kolmer, these are the employees involved in Sales, the Planning and Control Department, Dispatch, Administration and Quality Assurance.

Kolmer’s ICT environment is managed and secured by Goedhart-IT. The privacy statement of Goedhart-IT can be found here.

Retention period
Kolmer retains customer data for as long as it relates to an active/purchasing customer. Even after termination of the active customer relationship, a number of data from the customer database is subject to a tax retention obligation. This means that the Tax Authorities oblige Kolmer to retain the data for a specific period. The retention period for these data is seven (7) years.

If the retention period has expired, the customer data will be deleted and destroyed within one year.

Access and rectification
A customer has the right to take note of the processed data relating to them. The requested access and/or requested copy will be granted or provided respectively as soon as possible, but no later than within four weeks.

The customer has the right to request the destruction or modification of data traceable to the person in question. To this end, the person concerned must submit a written and substantiated request to Kolmer. Within one month after submission, the customer will be notified in writing of the substantiated decision. A request to destroy or amend the data shall be granted if:

The data are factually inaccurate;
The data are incomplete for the purpose of the data processing;
The data are not relevant;
The data conflict with a legal requirement.
If the request for destruction is granted, Kolmer will destroy the data within 3 months of this request, unless it is reasonably plausible that the retention is important for a party other than the person concerned and insofar as retention is required by law.

When the customer sends an e-mail or other messages to Kolmer that do not serve a strict business interest, Kolmer may retain these. This makes it possible to process the questions and comments of a customer and, if desired and when necessary, respond to them. The data is stored on Goedhart-IT’s secure servers.

The Kolmer website uses cookies (text files placed on your computer) to be able to analyse the website. The information generated by the cookie about the customer’s use of the website can be transferred to Goedhart-IT’s secure servers. Kolmer uses this information to keep track of how the website can be improved in response to customer visits.

An invisible ReCaptcha is used for the validation of contact forms. It checks whether the person trying to log in or respond is a computer or a person. In this way we try to prevent the misuse of our website.

Third parties
Customer data & information is not shared with third parties. Kolmer’s staff is obliged to respect the confidentiality of customer data.

Complaints procedure
If a customer is of the opinion that the provisions of these regulations are not being complied with or if there are other reasons to complain, the customer can contact Kolmer via

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