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Lisette Prins


Lisette started at Kolmer as an administrative assistant in 2000. Through various positions and projects she ended up in the Planning and Control Department. Her day consists of logistics tasks, but also purchasing, planning and process-oriented system and application management. “I recently started a logistics training course. It’s great that I’m given the space for self-development. I love the diversity in this job. The Planning and Control Department is a dynamic place within the organisation and suits me well. Supporting my colleagues in the field of software systems also makes my work varied and interesting.”

Lisette is a good team player with an open attitude. Flexible but observing the rules. That suits her. She is a connecting, accurate colleague who can switch quickly and get along well with people. All aspects that fit her function to a tee. “Pleasure in my work and great colleagues are just as important to me as the content of my work or salary. That I’ve been working at Kolmer for a long time says it all!” Lisette lives in Harderwijk with her husband and three children. “I love to work and be among people and I also enjoy social get-togethers with family and friends. Walking and reading are also big hobbies of mine. Kolmer is a fairly small and close-knit company that achieves great results and is well known in the market. To me personally a wonderful employer!”
"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

- One of our customers -

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